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Introduction of WGFNMS

World General Federation of Natural Medicine Societies, herein called as WGFNMS, is a nongovernment international federation of the natural medicine organizations. The mission is drive the natural medicine moving forward and to dedicate to the human health. It commits to organize the academic conference of world natural medicine, annual academic meeting, symposium, special forum and so on, so as to improve the service standard of natural medicine, to intensify international academic exchange, to promote the further understanding and cooperation on natural medicine in the world, as well as to promote natural medicine, popularize essential knowledge, accordingly to develop the education and training of international nutural medicine, authentication of natural medical physician, technological counseling, result promoting and RD, also to publish Naturopathic Journal, as well as other relative works. 

It is headquartered in Hong Kong (Add: Flat C12 8/F Blk 1 Camelpaint Bld, 62 Hoi Yuen Rd, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, HK, China), the secretariate is located in Nanjing, if necessary, the liaison office can be set up in other country or area.   

It consists of members of teams and individuals, teams primary, individuals assited. The teams joined as sponsors such as Nanjing Natural Medicine Association, Hong Kong Research Institute of International Naturopathic Energy, Taiwan Chinese Natural Medical Educational Academy, Taiwan Promotion Association of Chinese Popular Therapy, American Society of Natural Medical Education, Japan Academy of Materia Medica & Food with medicinal herbs, Australian TCM Academy, West Australian TCM Foundation,  West Australian National Institute of TCM Acupuncture, Australian Medical Institute of Acupotomology. 

Oct 26, 2007, The first WGFNMS members’ representative assembly was held in Nanjing. It elected leaders such as director of the first council, administrative director, secretary general, vice secretary general, chairman and vice chairman. Mr. Yong-hua Ma, professor, direct physician and doctor’s tuitor of Nanjing Chinese Medicine University, chairman of Nanjing Natural Medicine Association, was elected to be the chairman of the first WGFNMS council, therefore, WGFNMS was founded formally. 

WGFNMS is the first academic organization of international natural medicine in the world, which is composed mainly by team-members. WGFNMS is going to delicate itself to the services for community and natural medicine and members, intensifying international exchange and cooperation. Serving community to improve the quality of human health; Serving natural medicine to propel it thriving; Serving members to drive teams developing and improve members’ academic levels, with international exchange and cooperation, to enhance communication and understanding between the worldwide members of teams and individuals, as well as friendship, so as to boost up the science and make progress all together. 

Works and activities detailed as below:

1. Academic Exchange

It is always a main line for the activities of the academic teams, also it is a focused task, only the activities made continuously, the organization would be vitalized. with the academic exchange, The members can know the most leading process and the trend of the world natural medicine, as well as new theories, technologies and methods, can learn from results and ideas. Therefore get experiences to improve work efficiency, and open mind with new ideals. Also make a platform for members to bring forth their talents, so as to add their senses of honor and success. 

The contents of the academic activities include academic exchange conference, symposium, special forum, training and so on. While exchanging, choose and appraise thesis, technology demostration, products exhibition and public evaluation, counseling / voluntary diagnosis, cooperation / discussion, visit / investigation and so on, in order to enlarge effect and influence, enhance attraction and cohesive force. 

2. Education & Training

This is a foundational work. Nowadays, the knowledge information is explosive in the new era, new theories and methods are coming out in succession, some outdated and lagged behind need to fall into disuse. Therefore, as natural medical professionals, shall update knowledge to keep up with the time, and improve professional level with the help of continuous education only. For people who want to involve the field, are required to get the education and training, and to have command of theories, essentials and skills, in order to become a member to strengthen team soundly as new blood for natural medical team. 

The contents contain the natural medical essence training on basic theories, essentials and skills, including continuous education on new theories, technologies and methods, naturopathic training and all kinds of professional physicians like naturopathic physician, aroma physician, massagist, acupuncturist and so on.  

3. Promotion of Popular Science

This is also a foundational work. the natural medicine is of the concept that return to the original purity and simplicity with nature, various natural therapies have characteristics of popular understandability, easy practice, suitable for promotion and acceptability. Therefore, we shall promote essential knowledge to people so that they can know well how to make self prevention and health care, consequently improve health.  With real practical promotion, enable INMU and professionals and experts to go to the communities to make zero distance contact with the people. However, while promoting natural medicine to thousands of houses and families, accordingly, the senses of people will be definite upgraded, thereby make INMU and scholars and professionals well known and influencing.   

The contents contain natural medical foundational knowledge, various naturopathic techniques, natural methods for disease prevention and treatment and health care and etc. 

4.  Visit and Investigation

If academic exchange related with sense of hearing, visit or investigation is to exchange with seeing. As said the word that seeing is believing, visit or investigation can create effect as good as academic exchange. It can add perceptual knowledge to witness the worldwide natural medical evolvement and achievements, which is benefit visitors to have more and more information, so as to improve their services. For those units visited or investigated, their influence will be enlarged and the status improved internationally, and take chances to set up new image in the world. 

The contents contain update techniques, methods, appliances, devices, products, results, cross-professional evolvement and update knowledge relating with natural medicine. The places for visit and investigation can be hopitals, colleges, research institutes and manufactories.   

5. Featured Tour

The tour can enable to understand local conditions and customs worldwide, as well widen geographic knowledge. Meanwhile, the tourists can relax to have enlightenment. Each membership unit can initiate featured tour in accordance with advantages featured with individual national and regional natural medicine.

The contents contain healing tour, health care tour, health preservation tour and etc. within these tours, combined with various natural therapies such as hotspring spa, woods spa,  Qigong, martial arts, massage, acupuncture, foot treatment, clay therapy, remedy spa, honey therapy and so on, to enhance effects and have a lots of fun. 

6. Collaboration

The natural medicine is a important part of medicine. Because the philosophy is rooted for people as returning to the nature, also specilized in safety, economy and efficiency, various natural therapies have been accepted and adopted. The natural medical educational organizations and medical and scientific research institutes are set up one by one, and acclaimed widely. 

The contents contain collaborative naturopathic hospital, clinics, comprehensive natural health care centher, natural healing center, and natural therapies like foot treatment, acupuncture, massage, spa featured with specific medical organization or health care center. 

7. Products Development and Promotion

The products related to natural medicine like natural medication and health products, no harm to human body without chemicals and poison side-effect, and acclaimed widely. The market is quite big and well expected. So we need to take the opportunity to develop and promote the products with good quality and cheap price beneficial to people.

The contents cover natural medication, natural health products, naturopathic medical appliances, inclusive planting of these raw materials, and batch production of medical appliances. 

8. Found of Naturopathic Journal

The founded journal can be used as a stage that all members can make academic exchange, also it is a chance for them to learn each other, in addition, a platform to demonstrate their scholarly talents, at the same time, enhance fame and influence of INMU and members. 

The contents contain update natural medical philosophy, views, ideals; results, techniques, methods, appliances, devices; open column for introducing experts and membership team, columns for popular science and for counseling between experts and readers; publish news about activites held by INMU and membership team.

For completion of above eight tasks, the following four committees established: 

1. Academic Committee

Focusing on academic exchange, leading INMU to make various activities and annual work plan, supervise and check process, evaluate effect of academic exchange, so as to make improvement and perfect continuously. 

2. Developing & Cooperative Committee

Responsible for update natural medical techniques, results and products. Including visit & investigation, feature tour, collaboration, promotion of new products, results and technologies; the works mainly cover on bridging between team and individual, make annual developing and cooperative plan, optimize cooperation project, facilitate communication and cooperation between both parties, make cooperative plan, consult and solve problems remaining in the development and cooperation, supervise cooperative project process, evaluate effect, make improvement and perfect continuously.

3. Education & Popular Science Committee

Mainly focusing on education, training, popular science and world naturopathic journal. Making annual work plan, actively run cooperative education and training between team members and individual members, supervise and check these process, evaluate effect, improve and deepen it continuously. Support the foundation of world naturopathic journal, organize manuscripts, endeavor to improve the quality of world naturopathic journal, enlarge its radiativity and authority continuously.

4. Organization Committee

Mainly, the first work is to make good organization for INMU, vigorously to develop members, take in those well-known academic organizations in the world related with natural medicine to INMU, as well as authorized natural medical experts and professors;  the second is to establish professional branches (councils). To set up professional branches or councils focusing on natural therapies step by step when ready; the third is to make work plan, supervise and check its process, evaluate effect, in order to improve organization continuously. 

We are convinced that the 21 century natural medicine will move forward to a span-new phase with worldwide natural medical professionals’ diligent endeavors and aggressive spirits, and certainly will make tremendous function to improve human health, let us strive together!

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